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Site which you use does not have feature X? Make it yourself!


I am using one forum in which I post often and need to find if someone answered. But every time to use search function I have to type in my username, click search button. And I cannot save the search, because in that forum search has its own id. So in address bar query string is ending like this: ‘search.php?searchid=603939′ , and when I bookmark this – it only returns page of the results which were at the moment when it was bookmarked :)

So I did not like it. And one thought came – maybe I can somehow insert my own javascript. And googled – and found out – yeah :)

What I used is “Advanced Page Injector“, you can find it here

This is for google chrome, but I bet there are such type of extensions for other decent browsers as well.

So I added such script:

var username = 'SPeedFANat1c'; // change here your username
var get_param = "?", "" );
if (get_param == 'searchbyuser=yes') {
var input = document.getElementsByName('searchuser');
input[0].value = username ;
var submit = document.getElementsByName('submit');

and voila – it works :) now just bookmark the link which is before script clicks submit button – this link has to end with this ‘?searchbyuser=yes’ string so script can recognize that we want to automatically search our username and it will not try on other searches.

I shared that in the forum, also shared on skype to my internet friend who uses also this forum a lot, he thanked me, he said it will save lot of time for him :) so this feels good :)