Hey, I am Darius Valančauskas, a web programmer. I code with PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS. Most of the time I use CodeIgniter and jQuery frameworks, currently PostgreSQL database.

I decided to write a blog just to see if its fun for me, because I have never done that. I had some thoughts before what I could put in it – small code snippets, which might be useful for beginners. Sometimes it happens that I have some task to do, then I try to search the internet and its hard to find it.  So I think I will write there those things which I do find, so others will be able to find it maybe litte bit easier. Also sometimes I think I make some small snippets by myself which might be useful as well for beginners.

So we will see how it goes, how much motivation will I have and how does it feel to have your own website :D As my co-worker said – better to write something than not write at all.

And sorry for my English, I am not a native English speaker and my grammar might not be perfect because I am not too much into “writing texts perfectly”.